Dedicated to change.

We, as a community (and I say “we” because I have served in these communities for over two and half decades) are the men and women who are tasked with creating safety for others yet we have never been given the tools to experience that safety.

OUR MISSION: To MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY prepare those who CHOOSE to place themselves in harm’s way every day for the benefit of others… AND give them the opportunity to experience what safe feels like when they return home.

Our task and purpose are clear – provide critical training programs and support services before the incident, before the deployment, during a career and at key points of transition. Learning something new or experiencing information newly brings about new levels of awareness and insight. With that awareness and insight, individuals have access to new actions, new decisions, new abilities and a new path for mentally processing the events they have encountered and as they encounter them. The programs delivered by OPMF engage individuals, teams and organizations in an effort to reduce and mitigate the impact of a life spent in service to others.